Transfer domain to ZOOM.PH

1. Unlock your domain in your current registrar and request for EPP Code. You may need to consult your registrar about specific information on how to unlock your domain and request for the EPP Code. The EPP Code is basically a password for a domain name. It is a security measure, ensuring that only the domain name owner can transfer a domain name.
2. Register your domain at but choose TRANSFER instead of REGISTER.
3. Choose "I want to transfer my domain to ZOOM". You will be prompted to enter your EPP Code. 
4. Registry will notify your existing registrar about the transfer request. If the domain has been unlocked in your current registrar and the EPP Code is valid, your current registrar must notify you and give you instructions on how to approve the transfer request and give you the option to deny the transfer.
5. You will receive an email from the losing registrar once the transfer is completed. A transfer between registrars takes five to seven days to complete after you authorize it.

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