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ZPH (ZOOM.PH) aims to provide cheap but rock-solid and reputable hosting services to start-up, growing, and even established businesses to empower and leverage their edge in the digital era, giving them a wider concourse in the corporate jungle.

With the objective of providing persistent excellent digital services, ZPH had decided to remodel its existing shared hosting packages. This way, ZPH can accomodate more clients and give them vast options for them to experience optimal hosting services with ZPH.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, you might want to look at:

1. What is Rapid Cloud?
Rapid Cloud Packages consists of “Swift”, “Rush”, and “Breeze”. This package is ideal for those who are more focused on their website’s performance as to boost competency.

 2. What are the Cosmic Cloud Packages?
“Vast”, “Mega”, and “Wide” are what makes the Cosmic Cloud Packages. It is more focused on email usage. Ideal for firms that prioritizes email over website.

 3. What is Stellar Cloud?
 Stellar Cloud is the best of both worlds. In “Bizarre”, “Extra”, and “Thrill”, client will be able to enjoy optimum website performance and huge volume of emails.

 4. What are the billing cycles available?
 ZPH offers flexible billing cycles in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially and triennially. For Swift and Vast, minimum billing cycle is Quarterly.   Other packages may be availed on Monthly basis.

 5. Will you offer discounts?
 ZPH will offer discounts depending on the billing cycle chosen by client. Discounting matrix are as follows:

Quarterly - 2% discount
Semi-Annual - 3% discount
Annual - 5% discount
Biennial - 10% discount
Triennial - 15% discount

 6. Can we upgrade anytime as the need arises?
 Absolutely! Client may request for an upgrade anytime s/he wishes. They just need to settle a pro-rated charge computed based on the number of days left on  the client’s billing cycle and on the difference of the two packages (current and new one).

 7. Is there any bond or minimum contract per package?
 Recommended contract per hosting account is 1-year. However, client may also request to pre-terminate the contract/subscription at least thirty (30) calendar days before the subscription expires. Physical contract is also being released upon request.

 8. How will I be able to transition from my old hosting account to the new one?
 CLOUD Mini and Unlimited Packages (Unli-Basic, Unli-Pro, and Unli-Biz) will be for mandatory upgrade effective immediately. Meanwhile, other packages under Business Cloud and Enterprise Cloud will be under optional upgrade.

Existing accounts that are still subscribed to old hosting packages will still function as it is meant. But once they are bound for upgrade, they will be upgraded to the new hosting packages depending on their usage and recommendation by ZPH.

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