How to Create an Email Autoresponder in Webmail?

Autoresponder is a feature in your email settings that allows you to automatically send a response when an email was sent to your email address.

1. Log in to Webmail.

2. Click your email address in the top-right corner, then click the Autoresponders link. You will then be on the Auto Responders page. Any existing Autoresponders will be listed.

3. Click the Add Auto Responder button.

4. You will now be able to fill in the fields to setup your AutoResponder. Below is a brief description of the available options.

Option Description
Character Set The standard Character set is "utf-8," but you can change it here.
Interval Here you can set how many hours to wait before autoresponding to the same email address.
Email This will list the email address you are setting up the autoresponder for.
From You can enter a "From" address here. I recommend using the same address you used in the Email field.
Subject Enter a subject line here. For example: "John is out of the office."
HTML Check this if you want to enter HTML into the "Body" of your email.
Body Enter your Autoresponder message here.
Start Choose if want this autoresponder to begin Immediately or set a Custom start time.
Stop Here you can set a Custom date for your Autoresponder to stop responding, or set to Never

5. Click the Create/Modify button to save your changes. You are finished when you see a message stating "You have successfully created auto responder."

Now that you know how to setup Autoresponder in your Webmail, learn how to do it in cPanel.

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