How to upload file using Filezilla

For those who still don't have a FileZilla software, please navigate this link first to download and install it.:

Note: Choose the client type(All platforms) of FileZilla.

  1. Open the FileZilla software.
  2. Go to File >>> Site Manager
  3. Go to "New Site" and enter the required configurations:

    Host: servername or domainname
    Port: 21
    Protocol: FTP
    Encryption: Plain FTP

  4. Logon type: Normal
  5. Then use your cPanel credentials for username and password.
    Note: You might want to check this also on FileZilla to prevent timeouts:
    Edit > Preferences > Timeout in seconds (increase it or make it 0 to disable)

  6. After you connect it, there will be a 2 panel on FileZilla. The left side is your local files under your computer and the right side will be your files under cPanel. To transfer from your local to cPanel, just drag the file that you want to upload and drop it to the right side where your cPanel files are. 
    Note: public_html is the folder where you must upload the web files. For the database, import it using PHPMYADMIN in cPanel but first, you need to create a database name, database user and add a user to the database and choose all privileges. 
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