How to add Signatures on Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail

Creating signature in HORDE.

1. Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the Horde.
2. From Horde, go to the top of the screen and at the right look for the icon that looks a gear. Click the icon then select Preferences and then click on Mail when the menu appears.
3. Click on the section "Personal Information".
4. Scroll down until you find the Signature field. This is located at the bottom of the screen. You can create a text signature using the first box labeled Your signature. If you want to create an HTML signature, then use the editor at the bottom of the screen. If you leave the HTML editor blank, then the text signature will be used.
5. When you have finished creating your signature, click the Save button.

**Note, in order to use the html signature you should check the "HTML composition" when composing an email message.

Creating signature in ROUNDCUBE.

1. Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the RoundCube.
2. From the RoundCube, click on Settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Locate and click on the Identities tab.
4. Find and click on the desired identity in the left hand panel. Clicking on the identity brings up two tabs in the right hand panel. Click on the Signatures tab. If you wish to use HTML in your signature, simply click the HTML Signature checkbox. This will cause the Signature field to display as shown below, allowing for special formatting.

**Note, To have an image in the signature, heck the HTML Signature box at the bottom of the signature panel. This allows you to copy your image, then paste it into the panel. After that, go to Settings >>> Preferences >>> Composing Message and "Compose HTML messages" must be set to "Always" and same with"Automatically add signature" and then save the changes.

5. Once the signature is entered, click on the Save button located underneath the tabs.
**Note, in order to turn on the html signature, you can simply switch the "Editor type" from "plain text" to "HTML" when composing an email message.

Creating signature in SQUIRRELMAIL.

1. Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the SquirrelMail.
2. Click on Options at the top of the screen.
3. Click on “Personal Information.”
4. On the next screen you will be able to insert your signature.

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