Manage a directory’s Index

1.  Login to cPanel.
2.  Locate to advance and click Indexes.
3. In Directory Selection, select the following locations.
Home Directory
Web Root –(public_html or www)
Public FTP Root (public_ftp)
Document Root for:
4.  To navigate the folder with the following:
To navigate into folder, click the folder icon.
To navigate up one level, click the Up One Level.
5.  Select one of the following options:
Default System Setting- cPanel use the default that your hosting provider defines.
No Indexing- Server does nor list the context of the directory.Browsers display a message that the contents are forbidden.
Standard Indexing- Sever list the directory’s content as filenames only.
Fancy Indexin- Server list file names and additional in;formation, such as sile size and time last modified.
6.  Click Save.
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