Enable Leech Protection

1.  Login to cPanel.
2.  Locate your cPanel to Security then click Leech Protection.
3.  The Leech Protect windows will appear. Select the directories that you want view in the file window:
Home Directory (/home/user)
Web Root (/public_html/www)
Public FTP Root (/public_ftp)
Document Root (/public_html)
4.  Select the directory that you want to protect.
5.  Enter a maximum number of logins that you want to allow each user within a two-hour period.
6.  To redirect the users who exceed the maximum number of logins in two-hour period, enter the URL that you want to redirect them.
7.  Configure the system to send an email alert when Leech Protect activates, select the Send Email Alert and enter the email address to alert.
8.  When you want to disable an account exceeds the maximum number of logins , select Disable Compromised accounts.
9.  Click Enable.
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