How To Set Up Web Disk on IOS

Web Disk for iOS

In iOS, some apps are compatible with the web disk service offered by cPanel such as Pages and Keynote. I will show you how to set up web disk in Pages for iPad.

When you have finished making a document and you wish to save it, click on the spanner in the top right, then click on ‘Share and Print’ then ‘Copy to WebDAV’, this will launch a box asking you to enter your login credentials:

In this window you need to enter your URL and port 2078, so if your URL is ‘’ for example, you should enter:

Note the https:// at the start, no www. and the :2078 at the end – it is important that you follow this format or else setup will fail.

If successful, you will then see this screen:

Choose a format to save your document to and then you will see it appear within the chosen directory on your hosting account. The same process is true for other apps such as Keynote and Numbers.

Remember that the default directory for your web disk is the /home directory which is not visible to the public, so it is safe to save files here. Any files that you wish to make public should be stored within the /home/public_html folder. You can securely store documents within the public_html directory so that you can download them from a browser but you must secure the directory with a password. To learn how to secure a directory from within cPanel scroll down to the end of this guide.

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