Dear Valued Customers,

In order to prevent an unplanned outage resulting in significant downtime, Engineers will be performing a firmware upgrade on the Master Backend Routers (MBRs) in the SNG01 data center during a scheduled maintenance window on Friday July 6th at 16:00 UTC 00:00 SGT+0800. We do not expect down time so there is no required action that you must take to avoid disruption during the maintenance.

During this maintenance, there will be various times where packets in flight may be lost and/or latency is increased as we switch between redundant paths in the network. Public connectivity will not be affected by this maintenance.

Private network services including the following (but not limited to) may be impacted briefly:
 - Server to server connectivity on the private network
 - iSCSI
 - DNS
 - NAS
 - eVault
 - PPTP / SSL VPN connectivity to impacted servers

If you have any problems after this time frame with regard to connectivity, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please open a ticket in the client area.

/ Items Associated With This Event /
- Dedicated Servers (VSI)


Monday, June 25, 2018

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