This article answers the common questions on how to register .com, .ph,, domain.

  • What is Domain Name, URL, and Host Name?
    In a non-technical sense, domain name is simply your name to remember in the worldwide web. Say, or
    Below are examples to better illustrate the terminologies.
    • URL:
    • Top-level domain name: com
    • Second-level domain name:
    • Host name:
  • What's the difference between .COM and .COM.PH?
    .com belongs to the older domain types called Generic Top-Level Domains (GTLD) and is a country code top-level domain (CTLD) 
  • Is there any advantage using .COM instead of .COM.PH or .PH or vice versa?
    Technically, there's no advantage. All domain types function just the same, they are merely address for people to go to on the internet.
    COM.PH or .PH domain is usually useful if your prefered .com domain has already been registered by someone else. It can also be useful if you want your website to be associated to the Philippines.
  • How much does a domain cost?
    Domain costs vary greatly depending on the type of domain and the registrar's own pricing. Pricing of frequently registered domains are as follows.
    • com, .org, .net, .biz, .info Php 550.00 .(1 year)
    •, .ph, Php 1,550.00 (1year)
    • Php 1,600.00 ( 2 years)
    • Philippine Educational institution domains ( delegated to Philippine Network Foundation Inc. - )
    • - Philippine government domain ( delegated to Advanced Science and Technology Institute - DOST )
  • Can I pay monthly for the domain?
    No! Domains are registered for a minimum period of one year. Some CCTLD such as requires minimum of two years registration. Web hosting packages on the other hand can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly or biannually.
  • How long does it take for my domain to be active if I pay via credit card.
    We use Paypal's payment gateway which means you can pay via your Paypal account or by entering your credit card information directly on Paypal's page during checkout even if you don't have a Paypal account. It payment is successful, GTLD will be immediately activated and .PH domains will be manually registered.
  • How long does it take for my domain to be activated.
    For generic top-level domains, your domain will be activated as soon as we receive your payment or proof of payment. For, .ph, your domain will be manually registered and activated immediately during business hours 830am - 530pm, provided we have already receipt the proof of payment.
  • How do I transfer a domain to you?
    Upon placing your order, please select transfer. Make sure you have unlocked your domain in your existing registrar's control panel. Locked domains cannot be transferred. You also need your domains authorization or EPP code and you must have access to the email used when your domain was registered because an approval notification will be sent to that email address before your domain is transferred. Domain transfer can take up to 5 days and must be initiated at least 7 days before your domain expires.
  • My website developer registered my domain and I want to transfer it to you and manage it myself. What do I need to do?
    Technically, you would be consider the owne of your domainr if your name was used as registrant contact or if your email was used to register the domain. In most cases, many web developers register domain names under their own name to simplify the process and to charge customers for the registration. Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of your web developer if he wants to transfer the rights to you by modifying the email address and name used in the registrar's panel. You will have to ask him to do either of the following.

    1. ask him to change the email address to use your email address.
    2. ask him for the EPP or authorization code, so you can transfer the domain registration to us.
    3. ask us to help you coordinate it to the domain's current registrant.
  • Is a domain all I need to have a website?
    No! You need to have a web host account to upload your web files and to use email.
  • What are the valid characters for a domain name and how long can it be ?
    You "can't" use stressed vowels (such as à, ò, etc.); - you *can't* use symbols (such as ' + . , ç ° § ;£| ! " ^ * $ % & / ( ) = ? : _ > ] [ @ ); - the domain name's length must range between 3 and 63 characters, excluding the top level domain; - the name can neither start nor end with the character "-", although the character "-" is allowed inside the name. So, to name your domain you can use any letter, numbers between 0 and 9, and the symbol "-". .

    Length may vary, from 3 to 63 types.
  • My domain has already expired. Can I register it with ZOOM.PH
    It depends. ICANN rules allows accredited registrant to reclaim domain for a number of days after expiration of the domain called the registration grace period when an owner requires to pay redemption fee, usually around $100 for the reactivation of the domain. The length of time varies by domain but usually around 30 to 45 days. 
  • I have misspelled my domain when I registered. Can I still change the spelling?
  • You must be extra careful in checking the spelling of your domain, the use of "-" hypen and numbers or primary domain before you register. Once a domain has been registered, you can no longer change the spelling nor refund the amount you paid. You will have to register a new domain with the desired spelling or character.
  • I'm not from the Philippines, can I register a .ph domain?
  • Yes! Right now, there's no restriction as to who can register a .ph domain, except for and For and domains, please visit
  •     -    Domains owned by CHED and DepEd certified Educational Institution
  •     -     Domains owned by Philippine government agencies and LGUs


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