Announcing the launch of ZOOM Web Hosting Philippines' improved Anti-Spam email hosting platform. On top of the current layers of protection that differentiate's ZOOM Cloud Web Hosting service from competitors, today, ZOOM deployed it's one of a kind anti-spam protection engine in all its servers making ZOOM Web email and Hosting the most highly secured, reliable and spam free web hosting provider in the Philippines.

Other website and email hosting companies offer third party white label anti-spam email solution that costs an arm and a leg and protects only a few number of mailboxes. These solutions typical require you to modify MX records to point to the spam filtering server. This solutions may work but not without inconvenience and risks. At first glance, it'll appear that hosted solution is the best option because these companies will take pride of the system being non-intrusive and doesn't mess up server functionalities. Indeed it is non-intrusive because it essentially acts as a relay server that filters bad mails and allow clean mails to get through. The problem relies on the fact that most of these hosted solutions are controlled hosted by a third part vendor operating in some remote data center. This posses a couple of disadvantages below:

1. You have no assurance that your data is not being sniffed.
2. Because it relays traffic to and from another part of the globe and because processing needs to be done in a remote server, delays in sending and receiving mails are possible.
3. Because the relay servers processes other mails from other domains on a shared environment, congestion maybe encountered.
4. Increased points of failure.
5. Untrusted -- many of the cheap spam filtering companies are operated by small companies, resellers operating in their garage making it very risky to trust them.
6. Big companies with track record charge very high for the same technology that posses the risks already mentioned.

ZOOM Web Hosting identified these issues and worked to developed a unique platform designed to eliminate 99% + of mail spam. This is done by implementing a combination of protocols and and content filtering algorithm to effectively trap spam, block abusive IPs and detect trash mails from relays that doesn't comply with RFC rules.

Here's how it works.

1. It checks the sender's IP address agains multiple (minimum of 3 RBL sources). RBL stands for Real-time Block List. If IPs are found in any of these list, the connection is immediately dropped.
2. The IP is also checked against connection limit and transaction limits set in the system.
3. It checks for erroneous reverse DNS (rDNS) entry. If no RDNS record for the IP is detected, the connection is also dropped.
4. It check SMTP hand shake and responses against RFC rules. If RFC any system enabled RFC rule is violated, the connection is dropped.
5. The sender's hosts, mail account and MX records are checked for existence and legitimacy. If any violation is found, connection is dropped.
6. Assuming the transaction has passed the transport and session layer filtering described above, the content will go through content filtering algorithm that checks the email for spam expressions, mail formatting, mail styles, external links, HTML content and other spam hints commonly seen on spam mails. If total spam rating exceeds the score set in the system, bounce back message is sent to the origin server.

Tests have shown that approximately 1,700 out of 10,000 messages were spam and were rejected by the system. This figures dramatically blocks unwanted messages, saving your disk space, bandwidth, CPU and memory consumptions, not to mention that it saves you from daily annoying message from some heirs of an African politician who has just been killed in an ambush.

Well, I'm sure this announcement is good news to our client. But what makes this news very interesting is the fact that ZOOM Web Hosting is offering it absolutely free! That's right, while other hosting companies may charge you as much as $5 per user per month, we are giving this service absolutely free for all ZOOM hosting customers. We believe that it's not your fault to receive spam and so you must not pay!

Move to ZOOM Web Hosting cloud today and enjoy a spam-free life!

Monday, June 24, 2013

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